SOLINA HI-FI : Halhead & Kerr, Harmattan Cluster

1st December 2012 – 26TH JANUARY 2013

Opening reception: Friday 30th November 6pm

All following photos kindly taken by Brian Whar

All following photos kindly taken by Keiko Yamazaki

Anarch gallery invites you to explore an experiential installation contained within the Harmattan Cluster exhibition. As part of the gallery’s recent collaboration with Solina Hi – Fi artists Halhead and Kerr, the ephemeral nature of sound will be placed in confrontation with the materiality of its presence. This specially commissioned multimedia experience will unite sculpture, print, and performance, to fully realise a unique interpretation of audiovisual art. Taking measure of the gallery’s architecture, digitally manipulated vibrations will be juxtaposed with analogue mechanisms to direct and question the audience’s bodily responses. The innate temporality of the presentation, actively resisting documentation, offers a memorable confrontation with the subjectivity of sound and mankind’s on-going dedication to experimenting with its potential.

Halhead and Kerr work as members of Solina Hi-Fi and under multiple pseudonyms. Their work is frequently executed as a medium to explore the processes of creativity itself, drawing inspiration from connections and collaborations. In questioning the qualities of materiality and affect, the Harmattan Cluster sound installation will provide insight into the permeable nature of physical boundaries and the untold frequencies that move through them.




1. There are no performers, only the machine…
2. There is no machine, only sound…
3. There is no sound, only its potential…
4. There is no potential without separation…
5. There is no separation between what you hear and its source…
6. There is no listening apart from that decreed by the performers…


Taking inspiration from the process of thought and creation itself, Halhead & Kerr present their first large-scale environment of this trajectory, Harmattan Cluster.

Halhead & Kerr are both members of Solina Hi-Fi and have been working collaboratively for several years under a variety of other pseudonyms, variously created to hide or camouflage themselves from a stated aim or intent. Previously avoiding the possibility of disclosure they are now opening up their collaborative process, which is based on criteria and working mechanisms they are continually developing   into an intriguing system of application.

Accustomed to the burden of a continuous and curious taste of disappointment, Halhead & Kerr set forth on a ‘Surphysical’ attempt to lighten their load, to set down a cache they could return to in future moments of despair.

“We believe that the use of systems theory is particularly useful in the decoding of possible approaches within a discourse on Surphysics”.

Though tainted with a sense of wistful foolishness, this new presentation of work at Anarch seeks to fine the lens through which they inspect and which in turn delineates the implied thing as a cluster of possible emancipatory connections.

“ …beyond mere self-justified methodologies and systems, means of control, processes… what inspires us are the sub-ideas inherent in a curious juxtapositioning and the archiving of un-usable – through choice, through realisation of the materials inherent preciousness – media… it is the reflection upon this certainty in specific media (love , desire and wonder) that we find the most inspiring…”

Surphysics… but since when did science mean anything, or indeed agree with itself and with its own (body) place? After all it is an exploration of forgetfulness in a memorable world.


25TH JANUARY 2013, 7PM

Anarch gallery in Deptford. Sound performance by Halhead & Kerr, previously of Solina Hi-fi. Anarch is influenced by anarchitecture of Gordon Matta Clark


Anarch gallery in Deptford. Sound performance by Halhead & Kerr, previously of Solina Hi-fi. Anarch is influenced by anarchitecture of Gordon Matta Clark



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